Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Single Use Crag?

A can of Arizona Tea.
A crushed disposable water bottle.
A plastic cup used for single-serving organic fruits.

These were among the single-use trash items strewn at the bottom of the rock climbing crag. I gathered the rubbish and littered them at the top of the crag near the trails frequented by hikers. I was curious.

Did anyone care?


2 hours later, all of the trash was still there.

I care.

Organizations, such as Pick Up America (http://pickupamerica.org/ ), have made it their mission to clean up litter and spread the message of picking up after yourself (in case we didn’t learn from Mom’s incessent nagging when we were kids).

However, it all starts with you. Do you really need that single serving tea can? You can make a pitcher at home and bring it in a thermos. While you may be doing a bit of environmental good by buying organic fruits, the plastic cup of single-serving fruits cancels any possible initial good-will you think your money can buy. Buy a bag of apples. It’s cheaper anyhow.

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