Monday, September 19, 2011

A Self-Centered Day?

Too often, we think in terms of “I”, and “me”. Our endeavors seek self-promotion. This is not always a bad thing since we have a moral duty to take care of ourselves. I could rant about people who don’t take care of their bodies thus raising the cost of health-care. Or I could bitterly rant about people who don’t care to self-promote themselves with employment taking advantage of the welfare system, therefore raising my taxes. But judging them is not the point of this post. Rather, I should be judging myself and leave the judging of others up to God.

Instead, I ask, what can I do to improve myself? How can I use that to improve the world around me?
Recently, a group of friends decided to climb at Annapolis Rocks. The previous day I was feeling down. A long ride on my motorcycle, a 2 mile approach hike, and a beautiful day on the rocks seemed like the perfect therapy for a me-centered day.

However, we live in a flawed world. The same day was my boyfriend’s plan to volunteer with Booz Allen Build Together. I wrestled with ideas. They don’t need me there..... They have plenty of people.... I really want/need some me-time....
At the last minute, I volunteered at Build Together. I’m not sure of the details of the home-owner's lives that we help. They were not mine to know except for the fact they are going through a hard time, harder than mine. They had no running hot water in the (only) bathroom sink, a sink hole of sorts in the backyard, and dire need of a paint job among other necessary repairs.

Suddenly a me-centered day on my motorcycle and a climbing rope didn’t seem so therapeutic anymore.

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