Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pride Comes Before a Fall

Ready to ride after the MSF course

I strongly recommend the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) courses. Not only will you learn how to operate a motorcycle, earn a license, lower your insurance rates, and hopefully erase any bad habits you might have picked up elsewhere, you will learn to become safer driver, no matter the size of your engine (or ego).  

I went from knowing absolutely nothing at all about manual transmission to operating a motorcycle (slowly) around a parking lot. Kudos to both the patient guidance of the Northern Virginia Community College instructors and to my boyfriend for taking the course with me to reinforce what I learned! Sadly, I was the only girl in my class to successfully complete the course. The other two girls were kicked out for not being able to control the bike. Even after numerous drops, they were both too proud to “downgrade” to a smaller bike.

There is truth to the saying “Pride comes before a fall”.  Literally.

For more information about the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, available courses for beginner or advanced riders, motorcycle safety, and to find a course near you:

Take a course.  Don't let pride be your downfall. 

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