Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Seattle Spring

Magnolia Bud in Seattle
Seattle Spring: An Afternoon in the Washington Arboretum

A magnolia blossom yawns awake after a long winter’s nap. A soft fuzz cradles the bud as it braves the early spring chills. A young fern slowly uncurls to the sunshine after a season of damp grayness. Ravens and robins peck through the fresh green grass, spotted with white and purple wildflowers, looking for worms and seeds to feed their young. Squirrels scamper throughout the underbrush, searching for leftover nuts saved in winter stashes. Young couples venture to the gardens, beckoned by glimpses of sunshine, pushing a brand new baby carriage. Old men wander the trails, clutching binoculars seasoned by the years, but always ready for a new discovery in the dark evergreens.

A fern uncurling
As I turn my face towards the sun, I breathe in radiance and let the warmth soak my skin, which is a shade paler from a bleak winter. I sink to the ground to relish the smells of fresh growth mixed with lingering decay from the winter.

The past few months have seemed like rotten decay. I lost my job. I lost my love. I lost my housing. I lost my motorcycle. I lost a stable financial situation.  I lost more than I’m willing to share here. The rotten decay so visibly surrounded my path through the dreary winter, a compost of shattered dreams. Come spring, I realize the decay is not meant to hinder me. Rather, it enriches me to allow for fresh spring growth of change, the decay adding necessary nutrients of life experience to build upon and grow.

A layer of flower pedals have already fallen to the ground, lacing the path with hues of pink and white. They too will decay, bringing nutrients to the soil and encouraging beautiful growth. Life is like that… a series of blooms and decay, all of which make us stronger and healthier.

Tree Blossoms on the Path
What’s that? Yellow tulips pushing out of the muddy ground? Tree blossoms shimmering in the afternoon sunshine? A little girl jumping in mud puddles with pink rainboots? A puppy rolling happily in the grass?

Spring is here. New life is forming. Life is good! 

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