Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Velcro Chess

I just got re-hit by the chess bug. It happened just in time before some long road trips via car (not motorcycle).

Relieved to know a 5 hour car trip could be less tedious than originally thought, I was still faced the daunting task of finding the right travel chess set on a very tight budget.

It is amazing the source of inspiration a lonely 24-hour Walmart at 1a.m. can be! I found the cheapest chess set I could find and two 24 inch strips of adhesive Velcro. Thank goodness the girl I was traveling with just happened to have a large pair of sissors in her purse or else my hands would have been sore. Never doubt the power of a woman’s purse.

I cut up the adhesive velcro strips, stuck a piece to each square on the board as well as underneath each chess piece. 

Not only is this cheaper and lighter than magnetic travel chess set, I got to spend the miles learning from a chess master sharing the back seat of the car with me :-)

I wonder where the next game will be. Perhaps at a climbing belay ledge?

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